We hate having to lay out rules as much as you hate having to follow them. We’ve identified the things that are really important to us, so please read them and be respectful of our needs so we can be great hosts for you.

: Casa Arte is a villa rental for family or group of friends staying together – holding parties and other kind of events is prohibited without previous approval from your host.

: the house has 6 bedrooms accommodating a maximum of 12 The number of tenants cannot exceed this maximum number without the express agreement of the owner.

: sorry, Fido has to stay home! For the respect of other guests and for common rules of hygiene, pets are not welcome neither in the house nor in the garden.

: in order to avoid attracting uninvited guests, we are expecting you to do at least one chore during your holidays: taking out the trash! Public bins are located at the intersection with the main road to Lagos.

: we recommend letting the keys on the lock outside the room, in order to avoid being locked out. Even if you’d like to come back for your next holidays, don’t forget to return all keys before your departure.

: to make sure your belongings are safe and secure, close all the windows and doors when you leave the There is a small safe in every room to protect the essentials. Please ensure no fires or candles are left unattended – for obvious reasons!

: don’t leave lights on when you go to the beach.

outside lights turn on automatically when the sun sets and turn off when it is time to go to bed! You do not have to be worrying about it.

: drinking tap water is not recommended, for baby and children

: for any smelly surprises, we would prefer no smoking anywhere in the house.

: turn off the gas when not using it and make sure it is well clean after use to not cook your fresh fish with the meat of yesterday.

AND BREAKAGES: we all know that accidents happen sometimes. You will not lose the whole deposit for the sake of one broken plate (depending on which one!), but if something is broken or faulty please replace or notify.

: we’ll expect you to work with us to respect the agreed check-in (after 17h) & check out (before 10h) time – like you, guests before you don’t want to leave and guests after you are impatient to arrive at Casa Arte!

: if you are hot or cold, please ask us to You have a fan in your room for your personal comfort.

bed linens are replaced every week (1 week stay = no replacement, 14 days stay = 1 replacement). If you wish a laundry service for bedding during you stay, please notify in advance. We will ask an extra fee for this service.

: do not use bath towels at the pool or Any wet or damp towels should be taken to the laundry and not left on beds nor on the floor! Per person and per stay we give: 1 large bath towel, 1 medium bath towel, 1 small bath towel & 1 pool towel. If you want to change towels during your stay, please notify in advance. You could also use our washing machine and the dryer.

: in case of non-compliance, we reserve the right to ask you to leave straight away (without refund) or to keep the deposit.

OR ISSUE: just ask if you need something or want to know We appreciate the opportunity to make things more comfortable for you. If we aren’t here, just text. We’ll point you in the right direction.

: at the end of your stay, please ensure that the house is in the same condition as you found it on arrival – in particular, the kitchen should be left clean and tidy, dishes and glasses cleaned and put away, bins empty, perishable foods thrown out – otherwise we must charge an additional cleaning fee.